Good font for caps (post/zip codes) on formal invitation

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Any suggestions for a good font to use on formal invitations for the sections requiring all caps (for example, post/zip codes) where the main body of the text is set in a script - such as Bickham Script - in order to avoid this (see image)?

Any help gratefully received!



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I would go for a non-script one for such kind of information.

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An italic with big swashes, small caps, osf &c.
Hoefler Text, for instance.

Nonetheless, I don't mind the RSVP as shown, it's kind of cool in an over the top way, just like a wedding dress.

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That's great. Thank you both very much. The Hoefler works well in this instance and Nick, I think you're also right just to embrace the over-the-top nature of the RSVP! Cheers, Pete

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