Font inspiration for Science nerds?

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I am working on redoing the website for our lab.

The page header will be all text so I want to use an interesting font . . . professional, science-y, but not boring and will still look good with the web fonts used througout the rest of the site.

This is the theme I will use for the new website:

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I'm tempted to say Scotch Modern, but I'm not sure what it's gonna look like on screen...

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For a science & techy site I would go with more modern looking fonts like Neo Sans, Neo Tech, Soho Gothic, Stag, Klavika, Karbon, Geogrotesque …

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Thanks for the suggestions. Here is a crude mock up of what the homepage will look like with the them I am using.

With this theme, I will be using the selected font in the header and down below in the small pictures. For the rest of the headings and body text, I will need to select a complimentary websafe font.

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In that case, don't forget about Titillium. At least give it a try, it's free after all.

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Hmmm - Titillium is nice but I am almost leaning towards a typewriter type font.
Something as simple as american typewriter or maybe typewriter basix.

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Considered CP Mono, Vitesse, and Forza?

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If you're after typewriter styles, you can find some at F25. As I understand it, they are gratis/free for non-commercial use.

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