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This is for a Film production company that focuses on music videos.

The name is swedish. Lingon translates to lingonberry.

Client wanted something rock 'n roll, nice and serious.

Still trying to find the correct type treatment but later I'll add a wreath. Something like they use for filmfestivals.

All feedback appreciated

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Nice, serious, but not very rock'n'roll, although that is a tricky combination. I don't like the white space between L & I. Is that space meant to represent something? L looks like it is from a different, wider face. I'd also widen V a bit so its counter comes down lower.

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Peter: Lite mer luft mellan A och L trengs.

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L is too wide and the counter of V should be moved down. Spacing is also a bit tight and it's hard to distinguish EVA and LINGON as two seperate words.

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With the VA combination, you could emphasize a slanted line throughout to insert some energy (might meet your "rock n' roll" criteria). It feels overly structured and rigid right now to me, too much of a technical grid. I think it can be serious without being so staunchly rectangular.

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some modifications

"Kreativa Killar" is swedish for "creative guys" but it sounds better in swedish. This part is going to be incorporated into a laurel wreath that will symbolize film production.

any feedback appreciated.

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Some updates on this project.

Client added a beaver to the logo. Symbolizes various thinks that I'm not gonna go into in detail, mostly the work spirit of the beaver.

Trying to keep it fairly simple, got a wreath around the beaver for "awarded films". It also has a beret on his head, a hat that director Ingmar Bergman used frequently.

Have a problem with the tail of the beaver. The client wants the tail there to make sure people see it as a beaver.

Type is also slightly updated and "Kreativa Killar" is left out for now.

Any feedback appreciated

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Peter, sorry, but I don't see a beaver at all. I did, however, see lots of other fun things. The first thing I saw was a dog wearing a raspberry beret. Next thing I saw was a little alien wearing wide hip-hop pants. Then, circular wings of a bird. In short, if this was an ink splotch test, I'm officially nuts.

I'm sorry, I know this isn't very helpful, so here's a picture of my nephew's favorite stuffed animal for a little beaver inspiration.

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BTW, I don't think a logomark will ever work between the two words. They're too unbalanced. The mark will work better above the type. I think the two words need to stay together.

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Wow, you are going to have to really work to fit all that stuff into the logo. In my opinion, it is too much focus on the images and not enough on the concept that is communicated. Maybe a beaver wearing a raspberry beret means something to you, but what does it mean to anyone else? Lingonberry, Beaver, Rock N Roll, Serious, Ingmar Bergman, Awarded films, etc. It is just too much for this logo to bear, I'm afraid.

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is this more or less beaver?

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hairy beaver

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Perhaps the teeth should be outlined, rather than filled.

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Why is the beaver blindfolded?

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Yes, very.

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but back to the main issue.

Do you see it as a beaver or just some random rodent?

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I don't see a beaver, sorry. It's more like a house cat, with the "teeth" being a collar. Teeth aren't dark and the face shape is off. The key to a beaver face isn't just big teeth, it's cheeky too. This client seems to want a cartoon illustration, not a logo.

But more importantly, I really think this client is part of an elaborate April Fool's Day prank.

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Haha, maybe.

Yeah gonna make new teeth and sort some other stuff out too.

Still gonna try and add a tail to make it more beaver. Not really sure where I'm going to pout it, the only available space is above the head.

I think the face is pretty good actually. The cartoon style is not what we're looking for. It's supposed to be fairly simple, think this is a bit too much for the client still even if they like this direction.

Gonna post some updates shortly.

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Kreativa Killar looks Russian/constructivist to me. The lack of eyes makes it hard to see that it's an animal at all. But if you really want a beaver, maybe you should do something with the tail, so at least it's clear that it's a beaver.

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Russian/constructivist is what I'm going for here with a retro feel to it.

Still WIP, going to try some tail experiments.

Updated the film strip and made the text a bit wider.

Also modified the colours.

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After all these iterations I still find this logo too busy. And if you'd like to speed this creative process up I suggest you simply forget about colours and work in a single colour only.

And by having all these element in your symbol I don't see anything related to those film awards logos. If somebody tells me that this should relate to it then yes I could say "ok it resembles a bit" but without anyone telling me I wouldn't come up with this relation at all.

I don't think this works and I think you're too distracted in beaver details that don't work as expected. I think you've come to a point where you should step back and think of the general idea that you'd like to accomplish here.

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Some more updates.

Now we skipped the film reel and just have a retro camera there instead.

I've also given the beaver a tail to make it more clear what animal it is. Then just a frame around it to limit it a bit. Don't really have time to start drawing proper hands and feet.

Any feedback appreciated.

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Looks like a wolf with beaver teeth

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Can it become even more busy? You're just adding and adding stuff to it. I don't like the way it progresses.

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Sorry, it doesn't look much like a beaver to me, and as litera said it's way too busy.

If you're looking for visual reference, you might try going to and using their search box to search for "beaver", then on the results page click the "illustration" checkbox to filter out photos and leave just the illustrations. You'll end up with 5 pages containing over 200 beaver illustrations, and perhaps some will serve as inspiration.

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Yeah I get a bit of a wolf feeling at the moment as well. Maybe some rounder cheeks would help.

It is a bit busy at the moment, trying to find a nice frame for it, the current one doesn't really feel right. The "rays" behind it are also a test, but I think I'll have to skip those cus now it dosen't work so well in one color, becomes even busier.

I'm gonna try another frame version with the wreath I had before. Might give it some space.

I have looked at illustrations already but thanks James.

Will post an updated version soon.

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> trying to find a nice frame for it

Have you tried a movie can?

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Haven't tried that but I wan't something not so heavy. That one will prob get even bigger then the one I have now. Need something lighter.

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Even though you have added a movie camera, it does not say film production. You need to focus on the concept more, this one is just not communicating well.

How about a laurel wreath on one side, and a stylized beaver tail on the other so that they look symmetrical? To me the beaver tail needs to have a grid pattern on it to be clear what it is.

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It implies the beaver is holding the camera, which I find silly. The burst of rays behind the beaver is kinda nice though, very communist haha.

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> very communist haha

Or Japanese Navy like, depending if it's a beaver or 40s-style stylization of a villain (like those in a war-time Donald Duck cartoons).

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Funny retro communist beaver is kinda what we're aiming for here.

I took reference from some propaganda posters.

I noticed as well that it looks a bit asian, which I'm not sure if I'm keeping or not, it does add some comedy to it.

It's supposed to be a bit silly/funny but not haha funny.

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Updated version

Any feedaback appreciated, thanks.

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This thread is awesome.

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neon genesis evangelion?

also, your conceptual approach seems weird, first you mention it's about the work ethic of the beaver...but then you're going on about referencing propaganda posters—which is generally associated with influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself. Which doesn't seem all that positive.

as clauses has said, the thread is all kinds of awesome. but you still don't have a logo.

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I was referencing propaganda posters for the visual style not the concept.

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It's really highly problematic (I think) to treat «concept» as something separate from «visual style» (as sort of a coating that can be slapped on or not). Form isn't just style – it communicates, and it's charged with meaning. In other words if you don't want people to have associations in the direction of [political] propaganda from a distinct historical reference period, if you don't want to hint at anything that propaganda posters represent then maybe you shouldn't make it look like a propaganda poster.
I agree it looks kinda cool... but it's still completely unclear what this needs to communicate.

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Funny retro communist beaver is kinda what we're aiming for here.

I can safely say that has never come up in a critique I've been a part of.

Have you looked at this thing small, business card size? Your film camera is going to disappear and look like another pair of red eyeballs. It might help you simplify the drawing.

Why is the G round now? It's totally out of character (hah!).

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Why is the G round now?

So that GO relate to the camera rolls.

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Updated version,

This is probably going to be the final version. Don't have much more time to put into this.

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I like it; it's cuter and friendlier than before.

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The evolution of this piece is AWESOME. I'm diggin' the final iteration you posted, but the camera still isn't doing it for me; something with the style perhaps? It feels like it got clip-arted in or something.

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