Masculine and neat handwritting

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Could anyone please help giving suggestions with Handwritting typeface that is loose, neat but quite masculine at the same time (definitely not girly and romantic that kind of typefaces). I found it bit hard to find. I have been scrolling through myfonts… I am near to dead end.

It will be used for a tagline of an Industrial/building products. It will say 'When Experience Matters'.

Your suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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This might be a bit too common, but perhaps a starting point:

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Dear Diary
If you use a font like these two that doesn't have multiple glyphs for each character, make sure you modify the 'T's and 'E's to make it more like real writing.

That said, real writing is probably the best way to go. Hire a lettering artist. Might not be that much more expensive than a font, and you'll get something authentic and unique to your company.

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Olicana and One I'm working On Now.

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Would architectural or technical drawing hand-lettering be more appropriate than handwriting? For example Draft Hand.

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Nick, OIWON is exceedingly cool, but I really think you should go all out to get the entry stroke into "e" smooth in every instance, and at a consistent angle, for a completely natural cursive simulation. Sure, it's a ton of work doing alternates for multiply-accented characters, but it will be worth it.

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Stephen Coles: It's not for my own company, it is for a client. My client has been chasing on this job… I wouldn't get enough time hire a lettering artist… (didn't think that before… I would thought it would be costly).

Nick Cooke: Olicana is very very lovely… bit too soft for this project… but I am eying to have it for my own collections :) very nice strokes, Nick.

Justin: Thank you so much, you are giving such an important point here. I just realised i might look the wrong characteristic… I found Kinescope from Mark Simonson seems really suit the job :)

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…suggestions with Handwritting typeface…

Well, if you write with a brush. But you have to start somewhere, and who knows where the quest will end?

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I don't think it's particularly masculine, but it's not girly either. If I may suggest my own Soli?

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