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What are your favorite places to get free legal typefaces?

I know about:, they have some nice fonts. I am just wondering if there are any other places like them to get free fonts. Legal!

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Check out the Open Font Library at . They have a pretty nice selection of fonts.

flooce's picture of course, which focuses on the "high" quality end of free fonts (sometimes this is relatively spoken, sometimes this really means high quality)

Junicode, a 18ths century English styled serif font.

the URW font package, including a rather nice Garamond cut.

Although I have to say, the font I use most, is the one I invested in.

riccard0's picture[*+TO+0]/fonts/

Té Rowan's picture - Mostly GPL'd. Meant to replace commercial fonts. - Smaller siblings to the GoogleOS fonts. - the typOasis - GPL'd Times/Helvetica/Courier lookalikes - There's more than Gentium here now. - Licensing more open than a hippie's mind. - Old standards, mostly GPL'd - Bitstream Vera has grown! - Largely OFL. Several Latin cuts. - For-free and for fun. - Linux Libertine and Biolinum - Open-licensed revivals. - Some OFL/GPL. Many display types. - For-free script fonts with a commercial option. - OFL. As refined as a boot-to-da-head.

... and I'm still just scratching the surface.

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People say that dafont has mostly amateur fonts and shouldn't be used.

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Just about every freefont site has mostly amateur fonts. The professionals make their living off selling fonts, and can rarely afford to give any away.

Oh, and People Say is not the most reliable source of news and info. Nor is Everyone Knows, btw.

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@Frank - Recommended mod in link to Claus 1.0: Change 'sito' to 'archivio' to avoid 404.

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Nothing comes close to 2002 Honest Fonts.

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