TupacShakurAmaru Typeface-2

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Dear Scott Keawekane, Raja Sandhu, Hrant H Papazian, Thomas Lippl, John B., darrel, Chris Rugen, and Sharon Brunson;
I wanna thank you all again for all your comments in my first version of this discussion. Attached is the exploration and probably final direction of my typeface at the bottom. Except for the first one which is based on the logo of Amaru Entertainments and the cross on 2pac's back, all the others are based on the two sides of him. Masculine/feminine, rough/gentle, bold/delicate basically the yin & Yang side of him. Let me know what you think about it, and since i already promised I will update u with my progress, I had to keep it.

Tseggai2pac Typeface

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To me #3 is cute (that "e" is genial!) but #4, especially in that "scuffed" rendering is really quite nice - it would sell* well, I'm sure of it. BTW, it reminds me of Zentra**, but that was a lot less legible. :-)

* If you're looking for a font house to sell it through, I would recommend PsyOps.

** http://www.tdc.org/news/2001Results/Zentra.html


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From a purely visual standpoint, I really like #4. For whatever reason, #1 feels the most connected to Shakur (probably because most of what I see connected with him now is posthumous).

I'd be interested to see some words set in #4. I'm also curious to see if the 'c' would read well. My brain turns it into an 'r'.

Cool stuff. What's the reaction in your class?

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Harant, thanks for the tips. Especially about selling it. I never thought of it. The project includes the design of a poster to sell it, and information panel or booklet and a t-shirt. All my classmates do superb design job, but they still had the time to appreciate. My professor seems to not know about 2-pac, so i gave him "tupac resurection" and "2pac 4ever" dvd's to know him better. I sitill got to do same for some of the classmates and the rest of the professors who will be in the board. Chris, thanks for the tip on "C". I'll try to flip it vertically and see. I'll keep bringing the latest updates on it.


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I like #1 as well, for the reasons Chris mentioned. However, it seems TOO clean. Looking at his tattoos, they were all amateurish needle-and-india-ink hack jobs. I think that handcrafted look might be "more" authentic. Overall I think the typefaces you've posted here are too "techno."

But again, I like #1 a lot, except that I think you should make the T more dramatic and oversized, like the S.

Good luck!

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