Stylistic sets in Adobe Illustrator

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Hello all,

I am wondering whether there is a good way to access "Stylistic Sets" in Illustrator when using OT fonts? As of now, i have to manually replace characters using the Glyph palette or use Indesign to set the text and then import into Illustrator. Not ideal.

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Hi Seb, I know that Ai CS4 does not support Stylistic Sets :-( As far as I know that has not been changed in CS5

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Man, I sure wish Adobe would unify their type tools across applications :(

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I get a kick out of the Adobe video for OpenType. They make it sound like OpenType is seamless across all their applications. No mention of any lack of feature support in Illustrator or even the lack of a glyph palette in Photoshop. I'm guessing that makes it more likely that designers will need the entire suite.

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Adobe FAIL

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Thanks everyone - so it is what it is.

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