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Many thanks in advance.

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Cropping the image to obfuscate the whole word isn't really helpful, but it may be somethig as prosaic as Garamond, perhaps semibold, with a custom r...

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Many thanks for your response.

Occasionally one finds a 'snippet' of a word that looks interesting and needs help to identify the typeface, full words are not always available. I certainly didn't crop the image to 'obfuscate' the word. I assumed the point of this area of the forum was for the more learned members to try to use their knowledge to identify the typeface no matter how few the characters.

I appreciate any help I am given on here, but certainly don't appreciate your snooty response, I feel it is unnecessary, but thanks for your help all the same.

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I feel compelled to support Nick. I disagree that his response was 'snooty', because I agree with his comment that we don't need to see just what the poster thinks are the 'interesting' letters — the more letters you can show us the better our chances of identifying the font. What we're trying to do here isn't a parlor trick to see how few letters it takes to make an ID.

I looked at your sample too, and thought the 'a' resembled a display Caslon style. Sometimes there are swash letters, or alternative glyphs, such as that 'r', but seeing more letters would have been helpful, if you had them.

We all try to be helpful here, and some of us devote a lot of our time trying to answer many posts a day. We appreciate whatever posters can do to make it easier for us.

- Mike Yanega

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Many thanks for your response Mike.

I completely understand and agree with what you say, it's just I didn't have a better crop, that was my point, and to be addressed like I was, where someone assumes I am trying to make things harder was un-called for I think. If I had a whole word I would have posted it. I certainly don't want to make things difficult for anyone!

I appreciate anyone's help whenever I post, and am aware of the dedication to identifying typefaces and have always been not only grateful, but very impressed by peoples knowledge.

All the best.

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