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Hi guys, I am working now on my new Emila font and i have encountered
some difficulties regarding the listing of the fonts.

Is there any way you can arrange the different weights the way you prefer?
Because i would like my Pattern and Frames, to be on the bottom of the list, logically the weights
such as Thin, Medium Bold etc. come first...

You can see on the picture what i mean exactly.
Please anyone who knows i would be very thankful.

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You can ship around by using an other font family name like Emila Extras - Patern. This is the best solution!

The hard one:
Try to change the table OS/2 weight(class) and width(class) values. If you have no plans of expanding Emila with a condensed, compressed or extended weights declare the pattern & frames to be condensed - or extended weights. This should lead to an grouped sorting at the end or at the top of your style list. But you have to understand the weight and width classes first.

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In FontLab Info panel one, you could change the Heavy name to Extra Bold (numerically 800), and then make the Weight of Pattern and Frames, as Black (900) and Fat (1000).
Applications that sort menu styles by number will then place them in the order you want.
That might work.

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Dear Andreas and Nick,

Thank you very much for your comments, but the problem is that my font TF Emila Pro is consisted of 8 Weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Heavy, Black and Ultra, which by itself complicates all situations.
Obviously i will need to look for another solution, if you have other suggestions i would be very grateful.

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@ Lasko

Have a look at the bottom of the following page:

“REG BOLD RANGE (usable in increments of 50)

Additionally Adobe applications distinguish capital and small letters in the beginning of the names, if the weight of two or more styles is the same.

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You can actually do increments of weightclass by as little as five (but not as little as one, as I recall).

So if you only have one weight each of patterns and frames, you could do:

Bold: 700
Heavy: 800
Black: 850
Ultra: 900
Patterns: 910
Frames: 920

Or something like that.



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@ Thomas

Actually does mean, that this is compatible to old versions of the Creative Suite?

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This approach should be compatible with CS apps all the way back to CS1, sure.


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Thanks a lot, the advices are quite helpful.

Works beautifully as you have instructed, thank you very much!

All the best.


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