InDesign: PC fonts on Mac

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From the InDesign manual:

'You can make fonts available in InDesign by copying the font files into the Fonts folder
inside the InDesign CS folder on your hard drive. (In Mac OS, you can even make Windows
fonts available by copying the font files into the Fonts folder.)'

Has anybody actually managed to make this work? When I've tried copying Windows PFM and PFB files to \InDesign\Fonts on OSX, they still show up as missing.



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Hello Mr. Robert Johnston,
I am not sure about postscript,
but the format True Type works,
so maybe you could try to use TTs.
Toodle Pip,

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PostScript requires some reformatting from Mac To PC but TT or Opentype should be fine.

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Thanks guys,

Yeah, Opentype works fine (I think OTFs are entirely cross-platform anyway, aren't they?). Haven't tried TT as I never use TT fonts for work (old school prejudice).

But -- this, from

'Indeed, for some time, it was already possible to put PC fonts (True Type as well as Type 1) in the font folder of some Adobe applications, like Illustrator and InDesign. The drawback was that the fonts were only visible for those applications, and not from all other.'

I'm sure I've heard this elsewhere as well.


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btw, sorry guys, I notice that I've already received quite a few replies in the thread I started previously. I thought it had got lost in the Great Server Outage. My mistake :-(

Would a kindly moderator be able to amalgamate these threads?


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