Makos logo - angular heavy sans

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Hi Folks,

Someone sent me this logo for a swim team, wanting to know what font was used. It seems familiar to me, but I searched all over and have had no luck pinning it down. It has a retro feel, but I don't know how far back we are going - Art Nouveau? Deco? Arts & Crafts?

It's doubly frustrating, because it looks so familiar that I think I may have this font, but I can't think where to look.


- Mike

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Given the uneven nature of the letters, I'm not convinced that it's a real typeface. However, if it is, I'd look into German Expressionism as the likely time/place...

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Thanks Nick. I still have a very strong idea that this is a font I have seen before. I checked German (and/or) Expressionism and found something vaguely similar, but without the uneven weight. To me there seems to be a design style here, not just crude lettering, and given what it was used for, I'd not expect it to be custom work.

Anybody other ideas?

- Mike Yanega

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- Bump -

Still looking for someone who has seen this lettering before. Thanks.

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In desperation I looked at Dafont in the Retro category and found Broken Poster which is based on the work of Frank Atkinson. The resemblance is too much to be a coincidence, even though the 'makos' lettering seems to have been re-styled to make it less jagged.

Perhaps someone else made another font based on this lettering, but at least this could be a starting point for them.

- Mike Yanega

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