The incredible shrinking dots!

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I'm working on an OpenType font in FontLab 4.5, and the dot on the j, and the top dot of the colon is appearing and printing small when loaded into an app.

The dot on my i looks okay though. The top dot on my ; looks swell.

What the holy hell?

I have deleted and replaced these dots and yet they still continue to shrink. God help the font designer who also receives this wretched curse.

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The only thing that I can think of is that somehow the direction of the outline (clockwise or anti-clockwise) got reversed in the shrinking dots. There is a command that does that somewhere on FL. BTW can fonts be installed in the ipod touch? Just curious.

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Did you make sure there is only one outline and not 2 on top of each other?

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Tamari, you can change the fonts on the iPod touch if you have Font Swap. You'll have to make sure your iPod is jailbroken and that you have Cydia installed on it first to use it.

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JeorgGustafs - that happened to me once the overlapping dots were of unequal size and I got a strange crescent shaped outline!

Thanks AdamC.

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Vladimir: You were right. I selected all my glyphs and made sure that all of their contours ran in the correct directions. And that worked. Either that or something else I did worked but I think it was that.


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