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At work we have an epson stylus pro 4000 since using it I have noticed that the type in anything I print out, on close inspection, is quite fuzzy. No clean curves.

The problem is not with the fonts, its the same in all cases, and they print out perfect on other printers. The images print out great but the type is slightly rough.

Am i expecting too much from this printer? or maybe is there a setting im unaware of that may help.

Ive tried convert to outlines which results with the same outcome and the outlines fonts now print bolder, which i know shouldnt be the case.

Any ideas greatly appreciated,


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First check that you are outputting to high resolution and using good paper. Most likely though, any PostScript rendering (including fonts) you need a Postscript RIP to process your files for the Epson. There are inexpensive software RIPs available that should help you.

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Thanks for replying. Here is an example of what im talking about the text is set at 12pt. I have Stylus RIP professional 2.0 but am confused with how this works, ive installed it and in preferences asked it to work in the background but still no use.

Am i expecting too much from this printer, it just seems the quality is so lame.

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I can't tell if your Stylus RIP is working. Perhaps you might call Epson Tech?
I recommend the Adesso from <>

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I'll second Chris' comment about paper. With any inkjet printer, using good paper can make a huge difference in print quality. The right paper can minimize the bleed one gets at the edges of letters.

Additionally, like most printers, yours has variable resolution. You want to make sure it is set to the highest possible resoltution in the printer driver.

All that being said, I can't tell from that sample whether you're already at the maximum resolution or not.



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Thanks everyone, the problem was that the postscript RIP was installed but not added to the printer list or at least couldnt be, I uninstalled and installed it again, added to the printing list and now its printing type as clear as I imagine its going to get.

Thanks for your help.

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