Microsoft Word doesn't like my new OpenType font

I have a new OpenType font I'm working on and when I try to load it into Word X, it shows it in the menu, BUT when you click on it it switches to the font next to it in the list instead and refuses to make it work.

The font works perfectly in Adobe programs and in TextEdit (I'm using Mac OS X).

I have heard many people have problems with Microsoft programs loading various fonts, but I would like to sell this font sometime soon and don't want to have to tell anyone that it doesn't work in some Microsoft programs.

So far I have only heard people saying a font of theirs doesn't show up in the menu because they have the wrong printer drivers installed, but this is something different than that because it does show up in the menu - it just doesn't work!

Anyone know something I could try?


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The probable causes are too numerous to mention. To get a baseline, uninstall your problem font, then generate and install a TTF version, and see if you have the same problem.

Edit: I just read your previous post. What are you "trying" when you attempt to generate a TTF? Did you use the Tools > Quick Test as > TrueType font?

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Step 1: Open up your generated font, open the glyph window, enable FontAudit, and step through the glyphs one-by-one looking for any serious outline problems
Step 2: Download and run the FontQA macro. Run it and review the results. Fix the problems.
Step 3: Download and run Microsoft’s font validator. Run it and review the results. Fix the problems.'
Step 4: Validate the font with Apple’s FontBook tool. But be careful, FontBook is a buggy POS and problems it flags might not actually be problems.

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Sorry for getting back to this post so late. I forgot about it after I found a solution.

I HAVE FOUND THE SOLUTION! I threw away the Microsoft Word Font Preferences file on my mac, and then it loaded into Word just fine! It was that corrupted font preferences file that was causing it. A very important lesson to all!

Thanks Dunwich. I will use this advice if I ever have a similar problem in the future. I never heard of the FontQA macro before. I will definitely try that next time I have a problem. Never heard of Microsoft’s font validator either. Great advice! Thank you. I use Fontbook a lot but I almost forgot about it's validation abilities. Great idea. And I'll take what it says with a grain of salt if it's buggy.


oldnick - I just updated that post. Basically, I have decided that I must not be converting the right thing to truetype first, before generating. I'm working in opentype right now, and when I'm ready I'll convert instructions, contours, and hints to truetype and try it again. Then I will report the results.

I have never tried the Quick Test before.

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