FontLab crashing on me when I try to generate a TrueType font

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I have an OpenType font I am trying to convert to TrueType format with FontLab 4.5 and it just crashes when I try.

Any ideas out there?

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You'll need to provide somewhat more detail here. What exact steps are you using to perform the conversion?


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FontLab 4.5 is not the right product. You must have 4.6.1 or 5.0.4 to succeed.


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I started out creating an opentype font and when I tried to convert it, it crashed fontlab 4.5.

I think I need to try converting instructions and curves and maybe also hints, to truetype first, and there's a couple of other ideas I have gotten recently. I will eventually really try to figure it out, and if I figure it out I will post it, but I don't really care anymore if I do create a truetype or not - I think I will just make opentype fonts.

Yeah I plan to upgrade fontlab ASAP.


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