Type suggestion for portrait photographer

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I would like to have some suggestions for a typeface for photographer that is going to start a business in children's portraits. Her style is relaxed and spontaneus and is all done outdoor on location using only available light (no flash). I've looked around on the web and most photographers that do this kind of natural light portrait photography use scripts.
Any ideas for a font?

Barbara P.

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Not exactly a script, but how about Sauna?

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Wow. I like Sauna. Distinguished but relaxed.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I think Sauna it's quite expensive though, it looks like I would have to buy the whole family at $295.00 (they don't sell individual fonts).

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from the same foundry (underware)

auto 3 italic

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I agree with the font choice of Sauna..it's a nice clean font unlike many children's fonts which look rugged and unprofessional.

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What about ITC Goudy Sans? Isn't similar to Sauna?

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