A "Beautiful Universe" Font In The Service of Physics

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The attached sampler is not for Latin, or any other language, except that of Nature.
I designed it to illustrate my physics theory. Recently it was used it to good advantage to illustrate my essay "Is Reality Digital Or Analog? Physics Is Undecided - A Beautiful Universe Theory Answers" for a contest. Please feel free to download the pdf, rate and give your opinions about it on the contest website here.
Below is a typical illustration from the paper.
The full original 2005 paper "Beautiful Universe" can be downloaded from
here; the first sections of both papers are not too technical and can be understood by the layperson. The rest I myself just barely understand!

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A few years after using this font and illustrating my physics papers, I realized that the arrows showing rotation inside the spheres where pointing in the wrong direction!! If the + sign is regarded as 'up' the nodes should be rotating anti-clockwise, following the so-called right hand rule: if the thumb points in the direction of the current the magnetic field turns in the direction the other four finger are pointing to. I had to revise all the glyphs of the font as in the attached image, and used it to redo the Beautiful Universe Theory paper with new illustrations.


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Vladimir, the link to your paper is malformed. Here is the correct link:

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Best to avoid ambiguous language like “here” and “here” in hyperlinks. They provide no information as to where they will take the user, and create barriers for visually impaired readers using text to speech software. When creating a link that initiates the download of a PDF, it is best to state so in the language of the link and indicate the file size so users know what to expect.

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Thank you John, and Chris I will try to remember your excellent suggestion.

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