Type advice: Wrestling DVD Cover

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I have a gig designing DVD covers for a wrestling company. It's a pretty fun little project, you get to do some design that wouldn't really fly with other companies. They like to have a different style of "logo" for every event. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for good, strong typefaces that would suit the intended audience?

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I would try for a font which looks something like this:

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I think that it’s the treatment more than the typeface that make it, in this case.
As for strong typefaces in different styles, you could search for octagonal (as per Adam’s suggestion), inserat, wood, slab, blackletter, stencil, fat, etc.

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Sounds like a fun gig!


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Right you are, Mugford! But a better Dezcom face would be this:

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Thanks for the advice! I dig Dez Squeeze, definitely have to give that a closer look.

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