Places of Typographic interest in Tokyo

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I will be taking a weeks vacation there and was wondering if any Typophiles had some pointers?



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A few suggestions:

Typographic Posters of the 20th century

Great exhibition! The venue is neat too, the museum is located in the former mansion of a Japanese prince. Nice garden for strolling around after the exhibit.

The Printing Museum near Iidabashi station is interesting and they offer printing workshops:

The GGG gallery run by Dai-Nippon Printing in Ginza has good exhibits:

You can find lots of art listings here:

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You can see some pretty interesting takes on typography if you hang around Akihabara.

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thanks! Great stuff

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If you want to make the "trek" down to Yokohama, the Newspark Museum is there. It is dedicated to the growth of the Japanese newspaper industry from 1880 and probably has a great number of interesting artefacts. Haven't been there myself yet, but am planning to visit soon.

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Thanks Aaron

I will check the Museum out- looks interesting!

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Zapf Exhibition (The world of calligraphy by Hermann Zapf and Gudrun Zapf von Hesse) will be held by Japan Letter Arts Forum from 22nd March to 3rd April at le bain in Tokyo. (closed in 26th March)

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Sorry, closed in *28th* March

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Thanks Akira the Zapf exhibition starts on my last day in Tokyo. Lucky break eh?


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Tachibana Humio Exhibition will start at ggg next to the Ian Anderson exhibition.
2/4 - 2/28 (closed:Sunday and Japanese holiday)

About the exhibition
Access to ggg

TSUTSUMU-Traditional Japanese Packaging
2/10 - 4/3 (closed:Monday)
!) 3/21(Mon)open←→3/22(Tue)close

About the exhibition
Access to Meguro Museum

TSUTSUMU & Typographic Posters of the 20th century have the set discount.
!) It only has to show either ticket!

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Sorry,Tachibana Humio Exhibition will start from 4th March to 28th March.

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Hi Michael,

Are you in Korea or Japan? Are you safe? I hope you are safe.

BTW, Zapf exhibition was postponed probably because of electricity shortage and in case of aftershocks. Besides train services have been in confusion due to planned outages.

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OK, I received his reply. He postponed his visit and is in Korea.

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Who will start/do wh+?!
Peace be on the God-fearing!

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