Pairing a Sans with Hoefler Text

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I'm working on a project right now and the organization's logo is comprised of Hoefler Text Reg set in small caps. I'm looking for a nice sans to use in conjunction with this. H&FJ recommends Whitney, however, I'm not a fan of Whitney, and would like to use something different. Something easily accessible by the organization is also a plus.

The organization has a safe, yet modern look. They aim to appeal to a younger generation, yet convey, trust, assurance, and wisdom. Hoefler Text does a good job (in my opinion) of evoking the trust, assurance, and wisdom aspects.

Looking for a nice clean sans that can wrap up the modern, and young aspect. Thinking something like Helvetica LT Neue or Avenir LT STD would work nicely. Both no frills, clean, almost steril sans-serifs.

Any further input is appreciated, if you've got the perfect sans for Hoefler, I'd love to know.

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I've used Hoefler Text with Neutraface before, but I think that might have too vintage a look for what you're after.

Have you tried it with Gotham? If it's for extended next, consider using Gotham narrow.

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I would go with Avenir.

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Their website suggests Whitney or Knockout. I don't like using Knockout or Champion for copy, though. I'd go with Whitney.

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Also have a look at:
ARS Maquette (no italics)
Chalet Book -
Alright Sans

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Really appreciate the feedback, I ended up playing it safe and going with Avenir. Found it to be a great fit, a nice clean, sterile look with just he right amount of personality. Not to mention, I have a mancrush on Adrian Frutiger.

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