Need monospase fonts for review

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Hello, i'm a russian blogger and developer. I want to make a review of fonts, targeted for software developers(using it in IDE, editors).
Due my location, i can't get a good information about best fonts(including proprietary fonts) for my work. Yes, my friends use fonts like Arial, Courier New, Liberation. It's so scary.
So, i want to find more information in asking of you, of professionals in fonts chosing :)
Now i'm scanning google in searching of better fonts(like monaco, incosolata etc), but all pages are old. Maybe, you can tell me something new about fonts for development?
I found alot of proprietary font, but i can't try it in my IDE(Eclipse and emacs). But, if i have a some more information about what fonts need to try - i'll buy it.

So, can you advise me best monospace fonts(better if it targetted for software developers) you ever seen? No matter how much it costs.

Requirements to this font are simple:
It must be monospaced.
It must have dotted of slashed zero(but if font really awesome, i can ignore it).
If must have a cyrillic glyphs(not really needs, but it'll be cool due my location).

Also, i know what font looks different in different OS, but i need fonts for any OS for my review, becouse i'll make a review of fonts on each system(windows, linux, mac os) and i'll choose different fonts for each system.

Sorry for my "english" -_-

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Nitti is monospaced, has a dotted zero (alternate) and supports Cyrillic:


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Consolas from Luc(as) de Groot (Consolas is a part of the Cleartype fonts collection coming with Windows Vista, Windows 7).

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Two free fonts:

Dejavu Sans Mono has a dotted zero, and world-wide characters

Inconsolota has a slashed zero

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The comments mention several fonts not reviewed by the author.

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Don't forget Menlo, or should I say Vera Sans Mono?

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I will not embarrass myself by attempting to comment on its typographic merits, but I have personally found a monospaced font called "TI Uni" very pleasing to my eyes when staring at code for hours on end.

It was used for code snippets in Texas Instruments' graphing calculator manuals for a while (might still be) and they had it as a free download on their site. You can probably find it with a quick google search.

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'Default' from Siberia is perfect to me


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