Stencil font?

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Hi there guys,

Im trying to find out the name of this stencil font or something similar.

Thanks for any help

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Oops. Double post.

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Thanks for the help guys. Although kada is nice I think I would prefer the other font to the one used in the 'ARTS' image.....I have found another image using the same font.

Thanks guys for the kada link

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Any other suggestions on what it could be?

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It is Kada. Your sample uses alternate characters.
Kada character map:

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As others already said, your sample is just a mix of upper- and lowercase letters from Kada. Go here, click on “Type in Typewriter” and type exactly: ARts FANAtICs.

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Ahhh I see now...said the blind man.

That clears that up then

Thanks for the help folks

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