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Due to confidentiality agreements I cannot disclose the nature of the business or it's location.

Hereis a concept I'm working on for a client that is modernizing, and unlike any in it's sector. They want to convey that, yet look serious, legitimate, and corporate-clean.

I'm doing it with a san-serif set in unicase (custom). Screen resolution is making some of the vertical strokes appear different.

Feel free to critique my kerning and character widths and anything else relating to this logo.


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I like it! Something slightly chafes with the bowls of the lower case a and the capital P, perhaps because they're right next to each other and of so obviously different character. Perhaps try to reduce the spur of the a slightly and make the top of its bowl meet the stem more vertically?

Also, to my eye at least the straight right side of the last a makes the gray space behind it look narrower than the equivalent on the other side. Maybe that's just me. :)

Oh, and does it scale okay? Have you tried printing it small? Always a risk with narrow lines.

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I like it, but the a feel a bit distracting, being somewhat "curvier" than the rest.

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Excellent thought provoking feedback Birdseeding, thanks man. I'm still in the tweaking phase of this, I was wondering about the a/p relationship as well. And yes, the margins of the containing shape should probably reflect that of the interior spacing...or at least as close as possible.

Running print tests on this as soon as I'm done replying.

Valid point riccard0, I think if I straighten out the top of the bowl on the a I can better match the straightness of the P.

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I like it!

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Fantastic. Really nice logo.

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P is a bit too wide, or is it intentional?

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Alex, you think? I wouldn't say the P is too wide, I felt it should closely match that of the T, and take up a comparable visual space as the a's. I wish I would have uploaded an un-altered version of this with the small capped P just so you could see just how narrow it was. I played around with the widths quite a bit and this felt the best.

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I agree. I think it is fine.

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I don't know. It seems to stick out. Try it this way -

Without measuring pixels - which one looks the best to you? :)

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Number 2 seems the most balanced to me.

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Another option would be to change the structure of the /P/ so that the bowl branches out from the stem at the top (like the /n/) rather than emerging at a right angle.

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Clean and Clear. I think there is some spacing work is needed. Too much space after the s, also both side of the T.

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