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Before I allow this project to degrade any further, I thought I'd call upon you for some HELP! I have fallen victim to my clients picking my least favorite concept again, which has now created quite a challenge

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Ugh. I feel for you.

Opening the E makes things worse, IMHO. That eliminates most of the 1 series. The "sun" in 1b and 1c looks too moon-like, and it looks weak in 1d. I'd abandon that route.

Of the ridge solutions, 2b is probably best. But those holes... To be truly evil, of course, you need a big happy sun (cf. the old National Airlines logo) poking out to the left of the mountain.

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I'm ashamed to say that I already tried the sun thing. As embarrassing as it was to post these, I did leave that version out of the mix.

Maybe I've given up too soon on trying to pitch something they haven't seen yet.


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From what I see here I'd be inclined to roll with 2b. 2c has potential because of the ridge's reference to a graph but it doesn't look as cool. I'd leave the 1 series behind.

Thinking out loud:

Could you drop the top border to the height of the small caps and have the tops of the letters form a ridge?

Is it a matter of colour? Maybe the blue on silver (as sober as it is) creates a too lurid feel. What about a more navy blue? What about a navy field and reversed letters? Yeah registration/trapping issues but the serifs would survive and it might look sharp.

In this respect see this (~2Mb PDF) which is the magazine we publish. The cover is silver. Our blue (Pantone 2925U) doesn't fair well, the red (485U) does but don't use it for finance, and the gold's(123U) okay. Go to the back/second to last page where there's the ad for Word On The Street and see the purple and violets pop against the silver. The effect in real life is really nice. Also the yellow and greens. I don't have those colours here but I'm sure you'd be able to zero in on them.

A silver rule between Sun Ridge and Financial Group?

Not a fan of the white counters in S and R but if you're stuck with 'em then that's that. What happens if you add MORE of them? Or is that too insane?...

Or put on the brakes and say I had an epiphany and here's a totally new direction...and then start again. Ugh, I can feel time pressure from here.

Hope any of this helps. Don't despair.


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Scott, 2A or 2B might be more on track. What bothers me is the box. Try loosing the box from the S and make the ridge a free form shape.

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"I have fallen victim to my clients picking my least favorite concept again"

Ah yes, the self-inflicted victim. ;o)

NEVER show work you don't like. NEVER. EVER. ;o)

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Yah, no kidding

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Scott, you need a creative director or marketing expert with writing talent to assist you with your clients. I've more than once convinced a client that "The Kings new clothes" would be better in red than green.

I once shot a product that was a rectangle and put it on a linear textured background and had that at an angle. After the posters were printed the client came back to me and asked why the lines on the background didn't aline with the product. I explained that due to the distortion of the camera it would never look right if they were in the same direction. It was bought hook, line and sinker

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I can't tell you how many times I have steered clients away from the wrong choice, and taken control of the direction. Once in awhile, however, no matter how much consulting I do, a client will not get past their emotional connection with something; hence, we end up with a framed, logotype that's missing a few teeth.

Thank you for your comments, and the others here as well, as I am recommitted to salvaging this project. I am going to try to squeeze in some time to go back to the drawing board on this one and present a solution they will have to connect with.


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Scott you sound very self-belittlingly. The logo is not so bad and if the client likes it, then it's his choice.
The rigdes on 2b are good and maybe you should evolve the design from there.
I don't like the murky silver. It creates a bad sensation.
consider the following...

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Galin, please respect the designers here. There was a post or posts about making suggesitions, modifiing posts. Please go back and read some of those. I never tell a designer what to do other than a suggestion or a marketing direction and only in words.

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I will follow your advice Daniel. Nevertheless, I do respect the designers here and maybe even more than you can believe. Please give the link of that post in order to read it. I suppose it was better to post the colored sun idea on the last color version, than merely post something of the sort : "I like 2b, 1a, etc." ---that kind of post is common here, and it's not so all-encasing either. It surely says personal opinion about the work of the other designer, but we all express in different ways and that is the good part of it. If all of us were machines and each of us responded in predesigned patterns, than it would be a dull monotony.

If there was a hint of disrespect, it was unintentional.


P.S I still think that incorporating the sun in the box is a good idea.

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Daniel, I appreciate your defense of the integrity of the designers here.

Galin, don't sweat it. I did not feel the least amount of disrespect or offense by your renditions of my design. Especially in a predominantly English language international forum like this where there are varying degrees of English communication, I don't have any issue with showing visuals to explain your concept. I was involved in the previous discussion that Daniel referenced. I don't necessarily agree with the perceived verdict to refrain from including visual versions of the posting designer's concept, the main reason being that the posting designer can accept and implement, regect and disregard, or completely ignore any response. For me, the beauty of this critique forum is that I can bounce my concepts off of some super talented and insightful designers

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Scott, I feel your pain. I'll also step apart from the group and vote for 2C. I think 2B is too jumbled stylistically, and the mountain peak feels weak without an outline.

Try 2C without the dark upper-right corner. Or, perhaps, make the mountain ridge cut down between 'Sun' and 'Ridge', then fill in the box behind 'Sun' and make 'Sun' the grey color? This will make it look like a ridge rising against a blue sky. Or perhaps make the entire box a jagged ridge without any box shape on top?

Is there any way to fill in the S and R? I'm sorry, but that is terribly distracting to my eye, and it looks to me as though someone forgot to fill in the counters with grey. If you bring this 'printing mistake' aspect up with the client, maybe they'll let you change it.

I guess my basis for these suggestions is that I see about 3 or 4 graphic moves in the design that all serve to make the name harder, rather than easier, to read. Perhaps you should pick one (i.e., the ridge shape) and get rid of the others. If any of this is unclear, I can clarify. Good luck! There's a good logo in there, keep hacking at it.

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While Dan has a point, this is also a basic critiquing method. As visual designers, it makes perfect sense to communicate visually when critiquing. You show something, people scribble on it. I say let the OP decide if it's a big deal or not.

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