Calibri Light ?

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I am looking for a substitute for a lighter weight of Calibri. Any large(r) font families similar to Calibri out there?

This is for the on-screen use. Calibri is used as a body font and there's a couple of lines of text in the page header (set in a larger size) that I need to tie with the body text.

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I don't think there's a light weight. Lucas de Groot designed Calibri for Microsoft:

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I believe Lucas designed a Light weight, along with some other variants, as part of the development of Calibri, but these have never been released.

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Jean Paul and Sebastian, thank you. Strangely enough Calibri looks rather wide in smaller sizes (~12px), so I'm now leaning towards Gotham and alikes.

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You're welcome! Some I had from here, maybe that helps?

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I think Foco is most suitable.

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Still looking for Calibri Light? Try the Windows 8 "Release Preview"


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In my Windows 8 Consumer Preview there doesn't seem to be a Calibri Light.

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"Consumer Preview" and "Release Preview" are not the same thing.


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Aller Sans from Dalton Maag is nice substitute for Calibri, albeit with a little bit more character / little less neutrality.

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