Warm & Human typefaces to represent our "Moments" in life

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Hi All,
I am trying to create the branding of a social network "Momment" that allows us to share our moments with people we chose to. While the idea revolves around using the two "m" to show fusion, connectivity and bond, I am at a dead end choosing a typeface.

I would ideally want the typeface to be warm, human, emotional, honest, sincere, personal, interaction. Based on these, I feel a humanist font might suit perfectly. The conversations you have with your friends will be very personal and warm but people not in the group of conversation will not be seeing your conversation with friends of other group. So there needs to be that feeling too.

I would want the brand to reflect gravity and feel iconic yet have these above feelings.
Would love to know of some fonts which have above qualities and fit well within the idea that I am going ahead with.

I know this might not be the best place for it, but this project is ver close to me so had to ask. I am essentially a UI Designer and not the best when it comes to typography.

Please help if you can.

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When I saw the title of your post, I thought of a typeface suitable to captioning photographs of people's "moments in life", perhaps for an advertising campaign. Thus, I thought of a semibold script face. Aphrodite is something like what came to my mind.

Clearly, that's not what you would want - and, it seems that the typeface used in your image is one suitable to your purpose.

Camingo Dos, as a random example, would be an alternative to Gill Sans for your purpose. Another one would be Barmeno, which would avoid using Peignot Bold, which would be cliched at this time.

These, though, are just random examples.

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I've designed a humanist sans which might be appropriate: Sensibility.

It depends how brushy/hand drawn you want to go.
Is Cronos too casual?

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I am exploring all possibilities. One of the most cliche' choice could have been picking a handwritten font to show personal, and connected human moments. Another one would have been to use hourglass, eye etc for logo than a logotype.
This is I believe the harder and the less obvious path. Hence looking at it. While I would want it to be iconic and distinct enough to be noted in the viewers mind. Something similar to how facebook's font is just a bit distinct and not casual/surprisingly distinct.
Any suggestions?

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Not sure if this will fit what you want, but you could try Gil Sans.

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Er.... correct me if I'm wrong, but that is Gill isn't it?

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