Diverting Devotion Flier (a staged reading)

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what do you guys think? any suggestions for better composition/layout/typography?

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I'm concerned about some micro stuff: At the bottom, where it says "staged reading of Mike", the italic "f" really gets too close to the "Mike". Add some space. Also, for a three-line ragged-right poster paragraph, the hyphenated "Thea-tre" at the end of a line-broken sentence is quite awkward. The bottom right of the poster is a bit empty; it's a little unbalanced. Why does 'Glee' get single quotes and not 'Diverting Devotion' at the bottom? Be consistent. Grammar-wise, the parenthetical note about Mike O'Malley following "Mike O'Malley's" with the genitive apostrophe-S is a little weird.

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Thank you John.

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The flow of the swash of the first D is weak compared to the second one.

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