Font suggestions for an independent fashion boutique

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Dear all,

I have been asked to provide some input for a friends independent fashion boutique. The challenge is to aid in the development of an online presence and also for a variety of planned print materials. The current font choices for the two shop names don't really work as well as they probably should (and I've never been a fan of Copperplate Gothic - for some reason it was popular as a display font when I was completing my architecture studies - and that was the mid 1990s!). The loose brief is below:

"Illustration with improved fonts listing only shop names and a heading somewhere that says:
'Contemporary jewellery, clothing and objects - Australian made and designed.'"

The overall feel as described by the client/owner is:

"Inspiration for site: a jungle and garden with a touch of Alice in Wonderland..............."

The suggestions which I have made so far have not really hit the mark and I would appreciate any suggestions which anyone has. Last suggestions were two emigre fonts: 'Brothers' for Alice & 'Priori Sans' for Ivy.

Please fire away.

Grant Dunlop

Alice & Ivy (existing)

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If you are going to look at an Emigre font, look at Dalliance, especially the italic

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I'll take a look

Thanks for the suggestion.



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M. Carter's Alisal came to my mind :

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