˚C and ˚F ?

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I'm working on a cookbook just now – I don't know if anyone on here has experience of setting the ˚C and ˚F characters? I'm using old style numerals/small caps etc and I think the uppercase C & F look harsh but I'm not sure that small caps is correct either.

Any ideas?


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I'd use small caps I think. Watch the kern between the /degree/ and the /C/. Have you tried putting the Fahrenheit and Gas Mark in parentheses? The slashes look a bit confusing.

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Looks like you could need a small cap degree sign as well.

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Are you absolutely certain that you’re using a /degree/ symbol there? It looks to me like it could possibly be the /ringaccent/ (as in å) — based on the not-really-circular shape and the wide fitting.

Degree symbol (°) = shift-option-8 (on Mac)
Ringaccent (˚) = option-k (on Mac)

(It looks to me like you typed the /ringaccent/ character in your post also. And the “02DA” that appears in the sIFR thread title is unicode for the ring accent.)

If I’m right, see if changing it to a proper degree symbol doesn’t improve the spacing between numbers, symbol, and units abbreviation. The caps might look less distracting when they aren’t hanging out there on their own.

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As Ben says, the slash is confusing.
Even with the correct degree character, "C/350" will still look like a semantic unit.
Try putting some space either side of the slash.
Or this:
180°C (350°F) Gas 4
180°C, 350°F, Gas 4

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Thanks for the replies - very helpful.

Kentlew - you're spot on it was a Ringaccent - delighted to have got this correct now.

Here's some options based on the suggestions - anyone care to give me a second opinion?

Cheers again


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I think the first one looks best. But perhaps lower the degree sign to align with the top of the numerals.

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Thanks for your input Bendy!

I've got another conventions query if anyone has any help?


Have a look at the above - units such as cm and ml and kg have follow the number directly however lb and fl oz etc have a space.

To me this is inconsistent but I'm not sure what is the correct convention? Anyone know?

Many thanks.


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