Problems starting up fontlab

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Hi everyone,

yes Fontlab is the best font-editor?, but I'm having so much troubles with the program. Is it the system (OSX 10.3.6) or is it me?, I'm having a legal copy. The people at Fontlab can't help me much, maybe there is someone who can help me?, th last few weeks I cannot start up Fontlab (4.6), the programs starts up but halfway after the message 'caching ATSUI fonts' the program quit. I've tried to start up in OS9 and OSX.

Anyone knows what the problem could be?, at fontlab they suggested to reinstall the system, but that is to much for me,

thanks in advance



(I've posted this topic also under 'general discussion' since i did not know there was a 'build' section)

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Zoe, I recommend posting this question also at the FontLab user community:

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Reinstalling system will not help. Reinstalling FontLab won't help too.
You must disable bad fonts.


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