Is it custom made or stock font?

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Hello guys :)

I'm not necessarily trying to ID that font, I just want to find out whether it was custom made typeface for a particular client, or some online available font. Have you seen it before?

The reason why I am asking, is because friend of mine, who is the CEO of very large Malaysian Broadband company, recently did major Branding make over for his company. I won't mention what agency did the job, but it's given, being that Time DotCom ( a public listed company, the new branding cost them few hundred thousands dollars.


To be honest with you, I wasn't impressed. Not that I know allot on that topic, but I do design for almost 20 years and I do have some basic sense of elegance and aesthetics. I don't think it was money well spent.

Anyway, friend of mine is very proud of his new "look", saying that design was especially catered for them, and I won't be able to find such typography anywhere.

Two weeks later, I'm surfing around, checking some work done by Interbrand and within their portfolio, I come across brand developed by them for Wal-Mart's electronic product call ATVIO. The font resemblance is unmistakable. Hard to believe, both companies came up with same idea for a very prominent letter "T".

Have you seen that font? I'm really curious to find out whether it's a custom made stuff or some free typeface from the internet.


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That's Space Age by Justin Callaghan.

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Amazing :)

I guess there goes "custom made" typography for Telco/Broadband company.

Thank you so much for taking the time and reply.
Appreciate very much.


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