Suggestions of Modern Sans Serif Fonts to use in Logotypes and Identities

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Hi everybody.

I'm looking for suggestions of modern sans serif fonts, I like Precious Sans, and to certain level Ubuntu but want more options that you consider relevant.

Thanks in advance

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Please describe what you like about Precious Sans, Ubuntu. Is your interest in these types tied to a project?

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Well I for one won't complain if you use Precious Sans, I'd say that's an excellent choice - go for it!

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“Sans” is a very wide scope to match …

An alternative to Precious Sans may be E. Kayser’s Prokyon (

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Thanks for all your comments.

In need this font for a identity logotype for a network services company.

I choose these two fonts because are fresh looking
I want that the "n" doesn't have the ascender and "a" the descender.

Precious sans meets the first one but not the second.

Ubuntu meets booth but is rather common.

I try to find the font of this company logo without success. (althoug not big fan of the kerning BTW)

So, that's the reason I was looking for help.


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Lots of suggestions in this thread:

Also, you could do a (Google) search on Typophile for "spurless".

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Many thanks for the suggestions, good options to choose.

Anyway, more suggestions still welcome.

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