Font that suggests "book" but for logotype

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I'm trying to settle on fonts for a logotype that is a compound word (want to distinguish
the 2 parts of the word).

Leaning towards a serif/sans mix but trick is finding a combo that has very similar x-height and shape, and lasting power for a logo.

There are 2 sets of double "Os." This is where I'm stuck, to go with very round or very not round.
Also a lowercase "g" which is probably my favorite letter in double storey form.

Overall look should be friendly, approachable.

I'm leaning towards Minion combined with either Syntax, Meta, Profile or Whitney (the last of which
I don't own and will have to buy).

Any opinions?


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I'm getting attached to Freight (which I don't own) and am a bit torn because it's so similar to Meta and Profile. Wondering if it's really worth the cost. I prefer Freight's "g" and I'm going to have to live with this for a while!

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Mine didn't make the list, because they have different names…

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