Logo for renewable energy company - Color (PART 2)

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Hi everyone!

I need to choose the Colour for my latest logo. The logo is of a Renewable Energy Company called "Natural Power" and it needs to communicate profesionality and eco-friendliness.

For this purpose we already established the form of it, a simple text with a leaf recall on the word "Natural".Also, the word power is in bold to emphatize it's meaning.

We are now arrived at the colouring stage.

You can find two pictures with 3 concepts each. Wich one do you think will be more effective, taking in consideration that it will be printed on cardboard with a little emboss going down? Wich one does it seem to fit better to the eco friendly image of the company in yours opinion? Thanks for taking the time

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I personally prefer the brown. The pale green has too little colour contrast for my liking.

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If you make the background green and the gap in the a a little bigger the leaf will become much more obvious. Right now it's only visible when you're looking closely at the logo. I'm not saying. The typeface you used lacks a little friendlyness IMO. I think Nota has the appearance you're looking for, though you'll have to change the /a/ somewhat to make it look like a leaf. http://www.typonine.com/fonts/nota/otf_font_tester/
Keep going!

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The brown looks very nice. Though the green seems to say grass, it does remind me more of the environment in a pleasing way. Maybe you should try and darker green? I sort of like the green but not quite.

And a BIG second to the stem of the leaf--it has gone missing. Now it looks like an accident.


You're SURE you can't find an hour to give the bowl of that A back it's contrast?! It can be a very nice logo with just a tad bit more work! Don't let something you could be proud of slip away.

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Hi again and thanks to everyone for the comments!

We think we'll go for a green or brown at this point, and Definetly enlarge the gap of the leaf . If you still have other suggestions don't hesitate, we're still working on it...

thanks again,


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Hi again,

Very bad news! We recently discovered that there is a company in the same branch who has a very similar logo to ours, with the same name. At this point I had to quickly change it with this version for legal reasons. What do you think?




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i'm not sure I see much difference besides stacking the words. or i'm i missing something?

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yeah, you're right hola.

The point is I never ended up with a "text in a shape" solution, and I'm afraid it could be interfering with the communication objectives of eco friendlyness and expandability. what do you think? Could it work

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Would be good to know what that competitor's logo looks like. Happy accident perhaps as this is a nice idea but WAY too subtle in present execution to read. Agree looks like printing error (the stem looks like a printing hickey) and subliminally just pick up 'a's don't match which is worrying. Leaf 'a' just looks weak and increase of negative space through adaption unbalances word. Adjusting letterspacing between 'r' and 'a' may help but may have knock on effect as you are playing with 'colour' of face. Need MUCH more contrast between 'a's to work. Very hard to get them to contrast and balance convincingly. Could repeat leaf as bowl of 'a' for both occurrences. Still tough to pull off (perhaps why you have been so tentative?) but nice idea to explore. I would definitely work on keeping outer shape of 'a' intact and just changing inner, thus leave integrity of letter shape alone. This would help make an inner leaf shape clearer and much more obvious what it is. Whole letter would be emphasised but not distorted (this is hard to explain in just words!). I would keep question of typeface and leaf shape open to discover what worked. Is this leaf idea what your competitor has already done in some way though? In which case don't go there.

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