Fonts for Strength & Femininity?

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My client is selling merchandise to outdoorsy/extreme-sports-playing girls (4-wheelers, jeeps, kayaks, snowboards, skateboards, etc). Her values are strength & femininity; her message is that girls can be strong without sacrificing being girls. She's not looking for sexy or "girl power," but a feminine, powerful willingness to roll up the sleeves and do what needs to be done.

I love the sort of typography this suggests... my mind instantly goes to some kind of strong sans (probably set in italic?) with great attention to detail and subtle flourishes; but I don't have any specific font in mind.

Typeface ideas? Either matches for the above or different typographical approaches would be very much appreciated.

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Intended usage of the typeface? (logo, product names, blurbs, longer text?)

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Oh, thanks, Riccard0 ... my bad for not including that.

Right now I'm working on the logo; so display fonts rather than text fonts are called for here, I think.

I'd give the name of the company if I could, but I don't have permission for that. Let's just call it "It's Us Girls" ...which is not as cool as their actual name, but a fair approximation for the purpose of setting imaginary type.

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Well, maybe I’m just easily suggestible, but what about the current featured face, Condor?

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You may have more success mixing contrasting qualities typographically, rather than in a single face.
For instance, two contrasting types in one name, or a butch type in a femme colour.

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Kari Pro with FontFabric's Null? Or maybe go way out there and mix Dimestore Hooker with HI Luxury Diamond?

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What NIck said:
Have a look at Real Simple and Martha Stewart magazines: they both mix slab serifs and grots with flowing scripts. Works well.

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Terrific. Thanks, all, for the comments. Those are immensely helpful.

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There was at least one previous Typophile thread seeking "strong feminine" faces.
None for "fragile masculine", as far as I can recall.

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Also, suggestions here are all from males… ;-)

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One of the heavier weights of Karmina Sans, if you decide to go for one font that has both feminity and strength.

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