Print Process Monospace Font

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I am on the Build bandwagon. I usually dont get too in love with certain designers but for whatever reason Michael C Place (Build) has stole the show for me in the last year or so.

He has used this typeface before on a few projects, but I am just curious what it is. I love how he uses older lettraset fonts and legacy faces like Glaser, Beans, Akzidenz Grotesk, etc and gets them to twist nicely. I am just curious if he is using a custom face, or what.

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UK vehicle licence plate.

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From that link, though, I see that Mandatory didn't have a backwards Q, like the example has.

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Mandatory didn't have a backwards Q

The conclusion was, in fact, that it isn’t Mandatory (but something inspired by it). And, by now, I suspect custom as well.

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Might be a customised Charles Wright 2001 Regular.

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