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Ardoise PTF, inspired by the best of newspapers needs, renews taste for simple and tense shapes. A new 45 series, 4 widths sanserif family.

→ You will received an printed specimen with your purchase.

→ Be among the first ten to buy a pack of Ardoise PTF and receive the PTF bag with your purchase! Normally it apply only to any purchase superior to €211.

Ardoise PTF

From € 210 for 8 users.

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A new typeface by Jean François Porchez

Ardoise PTF was born from a research started with the Charente typeface created in 1999. The later, designed for the daily La Charente Libre, met the needs of a newpapers typeface featuring a low contrast, straightforward forms, as Franklin Gothic.

Ardoise PTF and its 45 series could be considered as an homage to Antique Olive, but unexpectedly… Ardoise, indeed, share purity and dynamics on its design that give it a unique elegance while showing excellent readability. Its sturdiness virtually immune it to distortion. Each font feature a full glyph set who cover most of latin languages, all aspects of typographic needs such small caps, various set of figures, dingbats & so on. In addition, few alternates glyphs (a, c, g, l) can change the overall aspect of text setting.

Ardoise PTF special offer
To celebrate the launch of the Ardoise PTF, clients benefit a special price of only euros 168 of any of the packs (standard price at € 210). To access this special offer, you must login at, then jump to your account page.

→ Please contact us for activation.
Available through 31 January 2011.


How to get yours? Very simple, First-come, first-served: if you buy for more than 211 euros of fonts at Typofonderie, you will automatically receive this bag with your printed specimens, invoice and license.

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