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Sign for lawyers. any opinions?
best regards

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Fourth one!

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Without further context it’s difficult to give an informed opinion, but I agree with Trevor: the fourth one is the best of the bunch, being the most complete one.

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Agreed. The fourth (purely formally, as you haven't said anything about it conceptually) seems the most refined. it also is the only one containing a bird where your & reads clearly.

Third is a bit too heavy. 5 and 6 lose the ampersand too much and just look like abstract flourishes.

what's the context?

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Sorry for long term i coludn't say anything more precisious untill finish. That was first sketches.

Concept: Lawyers connected with law of bankruptcy.
So i thought phoenix, but not so obvious with flames. Connected with initials of company founder in end finish on something like this last one

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Shouldn't the phoenix be looking up as if it's rising? Looking down like that, it looks more like a pigeon or dove.

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phoenix is fiction i never seen one in nature, this head is about to care about clients.

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phoenix is fiction i never seen one in nature, this head is to care about clients.

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Sorry, but I don't think a phoenix works for bankruptcy lawyers. Their clients are often huge corporations, and they're primarily looking for really smart professionals who display complete trustworthiness. The very last thing they want to encounter is a bird of prey!

It doesn't read as a "phoenix" at all, but even if it did it wouldn't suit the client. Have you discussed the concept with your client? In my opinion, a logo for a bankruptcy attorney needs to be: serious, strong, sturdy, trustworthy, and express experience and complex education.

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I think Phoenix is primarily associated with rebirth; viewing it as a bird of prey is a bit of a stretch. I am not entirely sure what bankruptcy attorneys do exactly, but if they help with restructuring and relaunching troubled companies (as opposed to shutting them down or dissolving them) then the concept is spot on.

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Bankruptcy lawyers do both - dissolve companies completely and/or restructure them. Often the restructuring involves breaking the company apart and selling the parts to bigger companies. So, while filing for bankruptcy can give a company a "rebirth," it's just as likely that it's just a death.

I still think the concept is a stretch. Unless their actual name is Pheonix, it just looks like a bird. If pankot hadn't said it was supposed to be a pheonix, I doubt anyone would have ever guessed it. I also think that Greek mythology a bit too "video game" or fantasy for attorneys and their potential clients. So, if you added flames to make it actually read "pheonix," then it'll be totally inappropriate.

But that's just my opinion, of course.

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> I doubt anyone would have ever guessed it.

That's a good point, even if it were executed in a more recognizable fashion.

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The phoenix has been depicted variously with features of an eagle, crane, pheasant, and peacock. Some examples:

I think you can avoid the dove-like impression by giving your bird a longer neck and some kind of crest on the head

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