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Doing a project in the style of "classic Hollywood" (I'm thinking 20's-30's) Was wondering if anyone could recommend a good art-deco (or similar) font to use. My base font is going to be Futura, so something that would play well with that would be great. Mostly looking for something for background text elements that will add some atmosphere.

Thank you!

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Not quite obvious Art Deco, but a recent fresh take on Futura:

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Maybe "Passage"?

P.S. There's discount 50% off on MyFonts (

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Also, the usual suggestions come to mind:

Andreas: Wunderschöne Schrift. Ich persönlich finde nur schade, dass das /c/ so breit ist, das macht die Schrift in meinen Augen für den Satz auf Deutsch eher ungeeignet.

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Perhaps our VF Sans might be of interest.

It is not released on the TD Website yet, and the Condensed is still under development, but these 8 weights are available. Contact me off-list if you are interested in licensing options

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I don't really think that smart type captures the essence of vintage Hollywood, which utilized hand lettering so much.
This was demonstrated by the success (IMO) of Neville Brody's recent custom face for Public Enemies, which was slightly off-kilter in its proportions. And I don't think that the 1920s is well represented by geometric art deco; perhaps something more moderne.

Nick Curtis has a lot of suitable fonts, based on hand lettering:

Here is a type which is nonetheless authentic to both the 20s and 30s:

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dass das /c/ so breit ist – [that the c is so wide]

I never felt it like that. The c rather corresponds to the shapes of d, q, &cª, I always thought this is proper.
However, thanks for the compliment.

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