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Hi, I'm new to these forums and I have to say, the people in this community are the most intelligent, creative and supportive individuals that I have ever come across on the web. This place you have developed here is definately the most relevant and all emcompassing database for assistance, tips, etc. for type and identity that I have ever come across. It's a shame that it took me years to find it, mainly because I had been searching for identity, logos, etc. and not typography. I've read hundreds of threads on these forums in the last 2 days and I have to say, I will never think about type the same again. Thank you so much for your involvement in developing such a comprehensive site. This is amazing.

I run an enterprise software development company in Canada called Upfactor. While I've already comitted to a marketing campaign, I was wondering what some of you thought about the logo and typeface. You can see the finished result at and when I get back to work tomorrow, I'll put up a larger version of the logo, business cards and letterhead.

When I did this logo, I had a pretty hard time with it. I must have messed around with 50 or 60 concepts but nothing was working. I've tried to keep things simple but didn't succeed and I tried out some pretty complex designs as well. Then, as a joke, I did the two white squares in the larger red square and sort of liked what it had going for it. The more I tried to justify it logically, the more it fit, and the more I learned and read about good identities, the more confident I felt in my choice. Strangely, after reading a lot of the content here, I still feel really good about the logo, but I'd like to hear your thoughts anyway. Please be very critical. Afterall, this was an accident and I'm not really a designer and I will never claim to be; I'm a software architect :P

I wanted to to give the established and credible representation that conveyed that we develop robust and timely software solutions for enterprises. I think the edgey font and straight lines help convey this, at least not the opposite I hope ;)

The two white squares form an abstract arrow and it's placed in the upper right hand corner to synergize with the name.

These Squares also work because "factor" can be interpreted as a mathematical term and squares fit this concept very well, especially in cases where 2 is a factor of 4, 4 is a factor of 16, which are perfect squares. The reason this is relavent is because software development is a lot like mathematics, but even further to the non-software people out there, we make heavy use (as in fanatical usage) of a process called "refactoring", which is basically breaking the software system down into the right abstractions and removing duplication throughout the system. This is a lot like factoring out mathemtical equations. This keeps the system clear, robust and clearly sets to define the boundaries of every component in the software system. Again, squares work wondefully with these concepts I think.

Secondly, a software system is built of many components and you can essentially break them down into finer-grained components. Software components are often represented by squares and rectangles when illustrating the architecture of the software system. Embedded squares also visualize this tangible representation.

More importantly, however, if you read the content on our website, we advocate an agile approach to software development where we build software in a series of increments. The fact that only part of the square is complete with white squares denotes this agile, lighter-weight approach. You see, in many cases it is not desirable to build the entire software system up front because the requirements are unknown or they make change during the construction of the system. If you only build high-value components and features first and deploy every 2 weeks (approx.), you can deliver a partial, fully-tested system that is deployable today and not 2 years from now where it may no longer be relevant.

Please let me know what you think I've successfully communicated this brand. I look very forward to hearing your responses. If you know a more directed forum that I can post this message, as well as an enlarged logo and so on, please let me know.

Best Regards,

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Sorry for the extra posts.. I got some internal server errors and kept refreshing.

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My only problem is on the "UPFACTOR" type. That C divides the word in two parts. With not the regular futura "C"?

As for the card, I would go for another grid and would place the URL on white on back of it, and maybe skip the left color bar and get a front card more clean and effective.

Don't take this as a "this is better", and sorry for torturing your .jpg :-)

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I like the squares. Have you tried flipping their positions? Reading left to right, it looks like they're going down, not up. Just a thought, but if fit doesn't work that way, forget it.

I think you might get a bit more interest out of the name if you didn't set all caps. Similarly, using a font with oldstyle figures could add some"movement". Perhaps Legato, from FontShop?

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To Adriano Esteves:
I never really noticed the problem with the C actually. I'm not sure I see it though, but I don't really have the eye for these things. The font was not Futura though, it is called TW Cen MT. At the time, I only had about 30 fonts installed on my Java workstation and somehow this one was installed on it too. I wanted to get away from using Arial/Verdana/Helvetica/Etc. because while they were clean and I use them on the web a lot, they just didn't look very unique to me. At the time, I didn't know a lot about type and while I've learned a lot in the last 2-3 days, I did this logo several months ago :/

I'll incorporate those changes in the business cards. I think that makes some good sense actually. The main reason for putting nothing on the back was more for showing off in a way because all the business cards that I've seen from our clients are rather unprofessional, but a lot of times they have stacks and stacks of cards and I wanted ours to stand out from the front and the back, but yours seem cleaner/less cluttered and makes better use of utilizing the back.

To John:
I debated back and forth on the direction of the squares. The reason they are in this direction is because I see a third square inbetween them that forms the arrow, kind of like a stealth bomber that is an illusion (not on purpose, but just to give you an idea on the shape I see). Because chess-board squares can give these illusions and I kept staring at it, the other direction just looked very strange to me. I'm not really sure I should change it now anyway because clients already know the mark.

I think I can get away with some small font changes perhaps. Now that I know a bit more about type, I'll check out those fonts you suggested.

Thanks for your help. I'll put up some new versions after I work something out.

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This totally looks like it was done by a graphic designer!
Plus personally I think it looks good.

Just make that "C" narrower.

> I see a third square inbetween them that forms the arrow

That's it, it's settled: you're a graphic designer. ;-)


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Thanks so much for your comments Hrant. I feel more confident in my choices. Since so many of you were concerned about the C, I think it's clear that I must change it. I don't really see it still myself (but I think that has something to do with my visual problem maybe), so I narrowed it per Hrant's suggestion to make more space between the "C" and the "T". I think suggestion works very well. Thank you.

I also made another of the business cards. I really liked Adriano Esteves's version of the back so I definately want to keep that but I'm not certain about the front of the card. One of the things I liked about the front was the vertical red bar. I really like the specific colour of red and it reminds me of its use on the website (take a look at and notice all that nice red whitespace where "Solutions" is for example). I wanted to create something similar to that but I can't make it work well with the address text gone.

Anyway, this is moving into a better direction. I can see it.

Whoops, It seems that I forgot to copy the last rotating box part when I exported to gif. It's on the original though.

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Hello Mr. Ken Egervari,
I concern about your changing the C,
because the

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