.enc-file mystery in FL Studio

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Some time ago I migrated my custom .enc files to FL 5 on the new Mac OS 10.6. Since then I face the mysterious fact that, when choosing them from the menu (in the Font window), in some instances only a part of the files’ contents gets displayed, the rest is invisible (even in the glyph cell’s heading).

Are there special requirements to .enc files I am not aware of?
Any insights on this?

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Try opening the file in a simple text editor to verify that the information is still there, then "Save As"; might work, might not, but it's worth a shot...

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I opened the file(s) with Mac’s TextEdit, all content was there. Then I ”saved as“, choosing UTF-8 text encoding and applying the ”.enc“ suffix which TextEdit doesn’t like very much, but it does it.
The odd thing is, some of the encodings render properly in FL, some don’t. No clue so far about what makes the difference.

BTW, in the old times I did the .enc-work in Simple Text. Worked smoothly. But Simple Text no longer runs under OS 10.6 :-(

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Simple Text no longer runs under OS 10.6 :-(

Ah, yes: Apple's idea of progress. Kinda like all the ballyhoo about the Beatles finally being available on iTunes: only Apple would make a big deal about being the last one to the party...

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For text only files, I suggest using either Smultron or Text Wrangler. For an overall replacement of TextEdit, you can try Bean.

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