Looking for a Squared B-Movie Font.

I'm doing the corporative design for a tshirt brand. I want the aesthetics of the b-movies but i dont want it to look trashy or bad-designed for the people that dont are used to that style.

I had found 2 options but i want more.

I though i could use perforama (the second one) but the A had so diagonal angles and the rest of the word that is the name of the brand has a lot of O and M and square things so it was a little problematic.

What do you suggest?

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The Robot Monster vibe, cheap...


FWIW, I also have a font called Robot Monster NF, but it's a little OTT...

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You should definitely check out The Identikal Foundry.

Their fonts are available for purchase at t26 & MyFonts.


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and for a little more rough, hand drawn look: Gibbons Gazette

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Maybe even Roman Yershov's Molot, if you're okay with an all-caps black sans with some Soviet feel to it.

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MVRH have you seen this? http://tdc.org/typecards/

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