Web optimised alternative for Hoefler's Chronicle Display Condensed?

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I was hoping to use Hoefler's Chronicle Display Condensed for website headlines. Unfortunately it seems that their license doesn't allow that with font-face. So I am looking for an alternative. As I mentioned, it will be for headlines, should be web embeddable through font-face, it has to have a certain old style, classical look to it, look good in uppercase even at large sizes and preferably condensed. The most important feature would be that it has to have a very well balanced Q, as in I'd prefer the Q tail to be a base that the letter's body rests upon.

Many thanks in advance!

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Don’t know if the ‘Q’ will meet your objectives, but you could consider Miller Headline for @font-face from Webtype. Same genre as Chronicle. Not as narrow as the Condensed.

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Thanks for that! While Miller seems to be a perfect font for the job, unfortunately the Q is very important, as it will be the first letter in the main headline and possibly made into a favicon. So it has to be able to also "stand" on its own. That's why I'd prefer its tail to be some kind of base, in a serpent/ recumbent 'S' shape that only touches the body. So that would leave out the long vertical tails and even the 'Z' shaped tail like the 'Q' in Baskerville.

So this is just to show you what I'm talking about. I think the Q from Chronicle would have been perfect(first in the image), alas it's not going to happen. I found two other fonts and are somewhat close, however in the second one(Elisabeth), the Q tail seems overwhelming and in the last one, from Bitstream, the letter seems too weak.

Any further help would be really appreciated.

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