(x) PacMan-like geometric font with no counters - various {gang}

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Im looking for a font with no counters. Geometric. Kinda like the pac-man font.
A patron from the library is looking for it.

Thanks in advance.


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Like Baby Teeth? Unfortunately, I can't find any digital versions (at least by that name).

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Here it is from an old Letraset catalog:


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Some of Clotilde Olyff's fonts probably fit that description. See these, especially the Compact.

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A Google search for pac-man font turns up a freebie.

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Shy's Fortune Wheel and Tattle Tales
Nick's Chainsaw Geo
Harold's Onion (as base at least)
Cool Down 10's Spokes.
Fontalicious PacFont Good
Sharkshock's Pacman

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I'm surprised that nobody mentioned Futura Black.

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