A foreboding sans

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I'm designing an invitation for a client, and I think they are looking for something very foreboding and powerful, their logomark looks like a somewhat gimmicky russian face. I set the type in DIN but they want something 'more square' - trying to find a tasteful solution, any suggestions?


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FF Hydra comes to my mind, or Titling Gothic. More DIN-like: Embarcadero, Geogrotesque, Skilt Gothic, Locator, Antenna. More daring: PT Vielzweck or ITC Conduit (sorry, can't link at the moment, but most should be found on MyFonts or with google)

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MVB Solano Gothic.

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Yeah, I thought of Klavika, but i think its a bit too techy for them, all great ideas though, thanks guys!

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I second FF Hydra; maybe also look at Breuer.

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Perhaps [Bad link]. Particularly the bolder weights.

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