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would appreciate any spacing suggestions for this logo. NN is throwing me off. Thanks in advance.

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Can you lighten the /N/s a little? The spacing looks good but the /N/s look dark to my eye.

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NN looks a hair tighter than the rest with an exception of OR that looks looser than the rest.

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Thanks for that. The diagonals on the NN fill out that space and seem to drag the Ns together. Subtle change.

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You can always explore the option of opening up the intersecting strokes, especially for print purposes. I am assuming this will go on a business card or something? Creating some "clog reduction" would most likely reduce the "type color" for the NN, especially if it is displayed at a larger size or for print, and it does not compromise the rest of the letterform. You can see this extreme example here from Matthew Carter's font Bell Centennial.

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Thanks Wesley, I'll have a look at that option. It will eventually be used in print and on screen.

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Final version looks amazing! Did you draw the logotype yourself?

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In light of Wesley's remarks I would also shorten the crossbars of the G's a bit…
And on an altogether other matter: the wordspace def. looks American (in other words: too wide. The same width as an N works better, I think.

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I'd also consider removing G's crossbar altogether. Worth a try.

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