Cheshire Farm Ice Cream logo - comments?

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Any thoughts on my logo please :) thank you!

Here is the company and it's background explained:

I am to brand a) the ice cream as a high-end product, and b) the farm itself, which is an attraction for families, children, school groups, etc. The decision has been left to the designer to decide on factors such as the USP and target market. After visiting the farm, trying the ice cream and seeing it in situ at the Hollies Farm Shop, I have decided the products USP is the fact that it is made fresh on the farm; from the milking of the cows to making the ice cream, everything is done at the farm. I wanted to get the high-end feel to the brand, as well as keeping the 'farm fresh' feel to it, as this is my USP. Below you can see my finished logo :) It is intended that the logo has a real 'stamp of approval' feel to it. It feels very farm/homemade like without cheapening it. The colour was simply chosen from the colour of the farm building, which I think works really well. The subtle arching of the 'Cheshire Farm' is supposed to hint at hills and greenery. The 'EST' mark as I mentioned before, is intended to add the seal of approval feel, as well as perhaps expense and heritage. The typeface is hand drawn by myself.

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Public service:

Not much of a critique, but I like it :-)

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This looks great, and I'll bet the client is thrilled. Some technical-based opinions:

I adore light and hairline weights, but this setting may not reproduce well at smaller sizes (especially when ink may fill in the knocked out type).

The overall feel is wonderful. I wish, though, that each line had the same visual weight on the stroke. "Cheshire Farm" is light, "— ice cream —" is heavier, and "Est. 1986" is split-hair thin. There's not enough contrast between the three lines to make them feel like the contrast is intentional. This logo would look just right if each line didn't look like it was written with three different pencils. I hope that makes sense.

n.b. "myself" is reflexive.

Nice work!

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yes it makes sense, tbh it's something i recently noticed myself after looking back at my finished logo, just havent altered it yet... thank you for the critique! :)

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I agree with the previous comment that it should be a little heavier, especially when reproduced in a smaller size. And I'd like to see the 1st & last letters equal distance up from the bottom of the logo for symmetry; currently it looks like the M is higher than the C.

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This looks great! Nice one. Agree with the comments having problems at smaller sizes though. But what applications will it be used on? If it can stay fairly large on tubs of ice cream and whatever else, then you should be ok with hairline type - it would be a shame to lose that because its so perfect for the brand.

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it seems a bit unbalanced. As if it's listing to the left.

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