Typeface to Compliment FF Olsen

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Hi, I'm using FF Olsen as body type for a book and I need other for the titles.
What typeface do you guys think would be a good match?

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What's the book about?

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Hi Stephen, it's about the history of a photo club.

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Olsen is a stong, chunky text face, so you could use a quite bold and expressive display face -- and the field is wide open -- without overpowering it. Have some fun, look at some interesting new designs, and pick something with a strong personality that appeals to you.

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Maybe it just means I'm too easily suggestible, but I think Condor (the current Featured Face) could work well.

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Nick's answer is good. There are just too many options and I can't narrow it down without knowing more about the subject matter. Who is in the club? Where are they based? What kinds of photos do they take? What years does the history represent?

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@Nick and Stephen, you guys couldn't be more right, I has to be a quite bold and expressive typeface to go well with Olsen. Thanks for the advice.
@Eliason I'll try that, but I have to say I'm not really into Condor.

Thanks everyone. :)

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