album cover artwork

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I am going to design a cover for music. This will most likely be more circulating in the digital world then be printed.
What sizes are standaard for example i-tunes and I-pods?
Thanks in advance

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My iTunes is about 157mb, and you can find details on the size of iPods here:

(Perhaps you should give us some more information on what, exactly, you want! Or use a ruler to measure some CD covers you already own!)

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according to apple:

A 300x300-pixel JPG is the recommended size and format.

but any larger format square image should do...

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thanks people, I am sure I will figure out now...

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You should be more concerned with what the distributor distributing to iTunes is looking for, this can be found on their site, its many times larger than a 300x300 pixel image for the most part.

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I can only speek for myself when I say that I prefer covers which are at least 500x500px, considering the growing number of large high resolution screens.

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