Willem Sandberg stencil

Willem Sandberg liked to use stencil fonts. Usually they were “handmade”. But on one poster, I found a font that is very similar to typesetting. I'd like to know his name and origin. Thank you

This piece of poster in 1973, from the book “Sandberg, vormgever van het Stedelijk”, p. 172 (010 Publishers)

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I’m not sure it’s typeset, Evgeny : lowercase “a” in “mitarbeit” looks different from the one in “fabriken”.

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Stéphane, Thank you for your comment.
Yes, I too noticed this. In the inscription there are a few “suspicious” items. It may be distorted during the printing (silkscreen?) and subsequent photography. In general, it looks too “neat”. For Sandberg, in particular.

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I reactive this old post because I'm designing a typeface based on this Sandberg "Bodoni Stencil" lettering.
I found a complete lower case set in this book: http://www.modernism101.com/spencer_new_alphabets.php

I ever used my font for this project:http://www.pavillonblanc-colomiers.fr/page/restitution-2012-2013
Evgeny'spost gave me some help for the numbers.
And now, I'm working on the upper case.
Perhaps somebodies found other Sandberg creations with this kind of handmade bodoni stencil in number or upper case ?

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